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The Council for Insuring Private Clients is dedicated to educating insurance professionals in the art and science of insuring individuals within the high net worth space. We offer tools and resources to help these professionals sharpen their skills, grow their book of business and better serve their private clients. 

Sea and Wind Exposure Insurance CIPC

CATRisk Underwriting Facility

An Exclusive Lloyd's of London Underwriting Facility designed for Florida and the Eastern Seaboard Wind Exposures.

Wildfire Wildcat Insurance CIPC Conference

WildCAT Underwriting Facility

The Premiere Solution for Wildfire & Brush Exposures.

CPRM Prime Insurance CIPC

CPRM Prime

Exclusive facility for agents in the Certified Personal Risk Management (CPRM) Program

Reports Barometer Insurance CIPC

Insightful Reports

MarketScout’s Market Barometer is a quarterly report of the industry’s composite rate index for property/casualty and personal insurance. 

Please click here to log into MarketScout and read this quarter’s Market Barometer report.

Annual Conference Presentations

Key Takeaways from the 2020 CIPC Conference Presenters.

View Summary           View 2020 CIPC Conference Agenda

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